Infernal Article Round Up

“so it became this thing where I’d be painting the piece through a real heartbroken state…”

Some very generous coverage for my upcoming showcase, Infernal the Denouement at The Dark Art Emporium, August 14th.

First off the bat, is an exclusive interview with Beautiful Bizarre Magazine , where you can read about what inspired the new series, and see several new pieces from the show

Beautiful Bizarre Interview.


Shane Izykowski is a fellow artist who I showcased back in 2018 when I curated for the Tales from the Darkside group exhibit at La Bodega Gallery.

Naturally since then, he’s been busy with solo work and a number of sterling projects, not least his “Drawing from Experience Podcast, which he honored me when he invited me on recently. We chat about all manner of the artists lot, loss and esoterica,  and the first part is up for your listening pleasure from the following link.

Drawing From Experience Podcast



“For me, dark art is just shadow work, stirring the murky depths of the subconscious and discovering fragmented aspects of self. It’s giving voice to something lurking under the surface. A salination for the soul.”

Finally, the ever exquisite Jennifer Vasquez invited me to be interviewed for her own wonderful blog- Vamp Jenns Corner, with some great questions, and you can read what I had to say below.

Artist spotlight

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