D3ad/Ends Signed Art Book

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D3ad/Ends by David Gough
Foreword by David Buckley

32 pages – 8 . 5″ x 11″ – Softcover
Individually hand signed by the artist
25 works showcased-Full color throughout
*First 30 copies include signed 8″x11″ print ‘The Valley’

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“An hour later, I find myself in the midst of a spastic freak out-convinced that the Cyprus trees across the road were involved in a brutal fight to the death. I was consumed by mortal terror at the site of this, and took flight, avoiding the chasms that were opening between gaps in the pavement, marveling at my ability to traverse them…”

Excerpt from D3ad/Ends


“Elsewhere, Gough’s dead appear, following his fixation with numerology, in hosts of threes.  Three, the magic number, has a long association with the occult, with the supernatural, and, of course, with matters of Divinity and here, the skulls appear, in my personal favourite section Thr33 Kings, as biomorphic forms.”

David Buckley

About the book

In 2005 artist David Van Gough left his English roots to live and work in America.

Affected by what he saw as extreme fundamentalism in the media, he began a body of works entitled the Theothanatos series which would deal with broad questions of religious dogma and human origin.

However as the series developed, he began to confront more existential questions of his own mortality, bringing to the fore memories of  personal loss and an obsession with the human skull and the number three.

This volume collects together twenty five works as well as the annotations and recollections that shaped the series.

This special, individually signed edition is available exclusively from here for a limited period .


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