Would this Monster make a Man Original Painting

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36″ x 48″ Oil on canvas (2015)

Dealing with the ambiguous notion of place in society, of being a stranger in a strange land, or rather the idea that we are all immigrants in someone else’s territory-be it dogmatically rather than geographically.  The territory here of course being the mythical land of America-the Infant Aztec Sun God, Hiutzilopochtli-dangled  like Achilles over a river of fire by his adoptive Mother, Libertas, the Goddess of Freedom, who you will see is menstruating oil and wears a blazing crown of Scud Missiles.

It’s the moral abyss that comes at the cost of national idealism, and its currently on show at my

The work is sold with a signed and dated certificate of authenticity from the artist, and is packaged in wax paper and shipped using the most robust shipping materials.

Should any interested buyers have any further inquiries about this or any other works available, please contact david<@> (minus the arrows)





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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 5 x 10 x 13 cm


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