Rise-Man/son Signed Art Book

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Rise-and the Haunting of the American Madonna by David Van Gough
With poetic foreword by David Herrle

32 pages – 8 . 5″ x 11″ – Softcover
Individually hand signed by the artist*

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“…I thought of this as my hand marked the black canvas, and found the ethereal visage Sharon Tate, birth mother to the coming age, choked in the chiaroscuro, a kaleidoscope, phantom beauty lost in a dark tapestry, her memory melting away in the murky shroud of occultism.”

Excerpt from Rise

About the book

From Aleister Crowley to Charles Manson, Liverpool to LA, Van Gough’s series-MAN/SON explored an artistic evocation of America’s occult underbelly. Taking cues from the bloody epithet’s left at the crime scenes, and associated key phrases, the series drew upon his own year-long research into what Van Gough terms as sinister architecture, conspiracy, clandestine rituals, magic symbols and the tragic muse-Sharon Tate, recapitulated as the American Madonna and child.

This 32 page book, compiles the work from the series, along with notes and sketches that accompanied the year long research


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